▌We can do it, because of “Technology”

Based on state-of-the-art technology, we provide always highly accurate production system by “One Stop” style. Kataoka’s “One Stop” means being able to provide all customer’s needs by at once.

We manufacture and sell laser processing equipment, rechargeable battery inspection equipment, and other automation machines equipments.

We are carrying on “Original Development”. It means mainly, laser technology, mechanical technology, control technology, power supply technology and measurement technology. They are the fundamental technologies for realizing the latest products.

And now we are also focusing on life science category. We are also focusing on promising fields in the future.

▌Manufacturing processes

We can provide the wished products according to customer’s requirements from 5 technical elements

  • Laser technology
    We provide total systems-designing and manufacturing the 5 major components that make up laser systems.
  • Mechanical technology
    e provide processing and assembling equipment for processing station, robot, transport tower
  • Operation technology
    We provide the best operating systems performed by NC control, PLC control and computer control.
  • Power supply technology
    We provide power supply technology for DC stabilized power supply and for rechargeable battery charge and discharge.
  • Measurement technology
    We perform all measurements such as analog measurement, digital measurement, laser measurement and so on.
  • Laser processing equipment
    We can provide not only equipment but also Research and Development for Laser systems including know-how of laser processing.
  • Battery Charge/discharge inspection equipment
    Our Charge/discharge and quality inspection equipment, transport equipment and so on, are indispensable for producing rechargeable batteries which will be key products for the future.
  • Automation assembly machine
    We provides automation equipment in manufacturing fields, Solar cell manufacturing equipment, touch panel patterning equipment, etc.
  • Life Science
    We provide and develop Experimental Devices in the life science field such as cell processing equipment for iPS cell, processing of embryonic cells, Culture experiment management etc.