▌Reserarch & Development

At Advanced Laser Laboratory, we are conducting basic research and product development of new laser oscillators, basic research and development of optical systems for new products.
In the Research & Developpment contribuites fundamental research on new products such as (1) Laser processing experience, (2) Laser processing machine, (3) Battery charge/discharge inspection equipment, (4) Other manufacturing equipments.
Kataoka R&D always feeds back the hard work for pragmatic and marketable technology.


We are designing each product such as laser processing machine, battery charge / discharge inspection device, and other manufacturing equipments. We engage in all the manufacturing, such as meeting with customers, specification review, design, manufacturing, adjustment, etc. We can realize the products with full of our technologies by discussing together.


We will propose state-of-the-art products based on the world-class technical capabilities approved by the world market.


We carry on machine assembly and adjustment of each product, such as laser processing machine, battery charge / discharge inspection equipment, other manufacturing equipments etc. Our work plan is everytime on customer’s side.

▌Kataoka Europe s.r.l – Milano

We are working for European Market. Please contact us to learn more about Kataoka products.