Q Switch IR YVO4 Laser / Q Switch Green YVO4 Laser / Q Switch UV YVO4 Laser


Kataoka have newly developed KLY-QIS7α(LD pumping Q Switch IR-YVO4 Laser), KLY-QGS5α(LD pumping Q Switch Green-YVO4Laser)and KLY-QVS1α(LD pumping Q Switch UV-YVO4 Laser)by integration of conventional LD pumping technology, Q Switch Control Technology which has cultivated with KLY-Series and additional further new technology.

Above-mentioned 3 new oscillators have achieved “20 to 100 kHz of frequency range”, “less than 20nsec of minimum pulse width”, “M² < 1.2”. Then High frequency which allow to high through put in a production line, Short pulse which enhance processing quality and high circularity single mode laser and Beam quality which is allow to condense the laser spot diameter up to diffraction threshold has been realized.

Application for these 3 new oscillators are targeted Micro scribing, cutting and drilling for hard processability materials such as metal, semiconductors and ceramics, etc.


Ultrafine scribing, trimming, cutting, and drilling for…

  • Metal
  • Semiconductors
  • Ceramic.

Process Sample …more detail

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