Product Feature


► High Efficiency

The LD-pumped solid state laser of Kataoka Corporation achieves 5-8 times or higher efficiency compared to conventional lamp pumped YAG lasers.


► Long Life

The exchange frequency of the excitation light source has been decreased to 1/10 (maintenance-free for 10000 hours or more). In addition, due to improvements in the reliability of the light source, production problems decreased significantly.


► Low Running Cost

Due to the LD pump method, running costs have decreased by approximately 30% compared to the conventional lamp pumped method. (Survey by Kataoka Corporation)


► High Reliability

Changes in laser output are automatically corrected based on data measured with an absolute output sensor. Stable processing is maintained.


► Remote Diagnostic Function

With the dedicated interface in the LD power source, operation data from the laser device as well as the maintenance situation can be accessed, diagnosed, and maintained using telephone lines.