Optical System


▌Beam rotator

Suited for precision and fine structure micro drilling.Flexible control enables straight bores as well as forward and reverse-tapered bores.

▌Power optimizer

The output power of the laser can be varied continuously by the controller.It is possible to vary only the laser output power while maintaining the optimal beam profile.Good mode with high circularity which suits the processing can be achieved.

▌Laser branching unit

Designs with as many branches as requested are possible within an accuracy of ±1%. Output adjustment motor control and random axis selection, etc. are available options.

▌Galvano Scanning System

This Galvano scanning system is provided with high-speed and high-precision capabilities suited for ultrafine processing.

▌Processing nozzle

In order to respond immediately to various types of applications, processing nozzles for a wide variety of beam shapes are available.
Examples) Ring Beam, Rectangular Beam, Top Hat Beam, Oval Beam, etc.

▌Processed Samples