Laser Systems

We offer the Laser Systems
All key components Laser Oscillators, Optical System, Processing Devices are designed and manufactured “in-house”.

We constantly strive to challenge new possibilities in the latest laser technology, and we use this technology to provide extremely detailed solutions to our customers’requests, with maximum reliability.


Laser Processing Systems

Creating innovations in manufacturing with Technology & Quality

In today’s world, industrial lasers are indispensable systems in any manner of production processes. The demand for lasers is only going to increase as leading industries continue to achieve their rapid growth. Kataoka Corporation has been providing in providing versatile lasers for the past 20 years.

We have developed Solid­state laser, the culmination of our cutting­edge technology, in response to the demand from the leading industries for a more detailed processing method with guaranteed reliability.

We can produce laser systems according to the processing material, processing methods, and manufacturing processes. Our methods of precision improvement, streamlining, and cost reduction provide our customers with the highest level of satisfaction.


▌Applications for

 “Total Systemized” Device


Realizes high throughput with 2 galvano scanners, 2 processing stages
…more detail


Realizes high-quality, high-speed processing in combination with optimal systems …more detail


Enables all manner of hole boring through the use of a variety of optical systems …more detail

▌Precision Cutting:

The optimal combination of an oscillator and optical system enables favorable processing for even processirig-resistant materials …more detail

▌Precision Welding:

Realizes high-speed, precision welding with a fiber laser …more detail


▌Product Lineup

by Laser Type

Pulse IR YAG Laser:

High-speed precision welding for…

  • Electrical Parts
  • Automotive parts

 …more detail

Continuous Wave IR Laser
Q-Switch IR YAG Laser:

Application for…

  • Deep Engraving Marking
  • High-Speed Cutting
  • Remove Process for large area

 …more detail

Q Switch Green YAG Laser
Q Switch UV YAG Laser:

Cutting & drilling for…

  • Metal
  • Semiconductor
  • Ceramic

…more detail

Q Switch IR YVO4 Laser
Q Switch Green YVO4 Laser
Q Switch UV YVO4 Laser:

Ultrafine scribing, trimming, cutting, and drilling for…

  • Metal
  • Semiconductor
  • Ceramic

…more detail

Fiber Laser:

For general welding

…more detail


▌ Optical System: For various Processing…more detail
▌ Laser Oscillator Lineup: We can fulfil every customer request …more detail
▌ Production Concept: 5 major components that make up laser systems …more detail
▌ Product Feature: Innovated performance by KATAOKA …more detail
▌ Beam Forming: Gaussian – Square – Rectangle – Ring Beam …more detail