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Nov 1968 Kataoka Corporation established
Aug 1971 Developed Educational Digital Trainer D101; delivered to Osaka University School of Engineering Science.
Oct 1971 Developed Stimulation Reaction Equipment; delivered to Kyoto University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
May 1972 Started our series of device embedded, DC-stabilized power sources
Mar 1973 Developed High Pressure DC Stabilized Power Source; Started accepting orders.
Aug 1976 Started our series of R-56 and RE-28 DC-stabilized power sources
Oct 1978 Developed Microcomputer Systems.
Oct 1981 Developed Industrial Robots.
Mar 1983 Started accepting orders for LCD Glass Board Transfer Equipments.
Oct 1984 Developed Light Multiplex Communication Equipments.
Sep 1985 Developed FAS (Flexible Assembling System).
Oct 1985 Opened Tokyo Branch Office.
Dec 1985 Increased the capital stock to 30 million yen.
Oct 1986 Co-operated with LASAG AG (Switzerland) for YAG Laser Systems.
Oct 1987 Developed YAG Laser Systems.
Feb 1990 Started accepting orders for Ni-MH Battery Inspection Equipments.
Oct 1993 Started accepting orders for Li-ion Battery Inspection Equipments.
Jun 1997 Established Kuze Factory.
Jan 1998 Increased the capital stock to 112 million yen.
Nov 1998 Acquired ISO9001
Feb 2001 Established Advanced Laser Research Laboratory.
May 2001 Acquired ISO14001
Nov 2001 Developed Hybrid LD YAG Laser, KLY-HP300α.
Apr 2002 Developed LD YAG Laser, KLY-Q200α.
Dec 2002 Increased the capital stock to 485.7 million yen.
Mar 2003 Developed LD YAG Green Laser, KLY-QG30α.
Jan 2004 Developed LD YAG UV Laser, KLY-QV10α.
Aug 2004 Developed LD YAG Green Laser, KLY-QG10α and LD YAG UV Laser, KLY-QV5α.
Oct 2004 Developed LD YAG Green Laser, KLY-QG70α.
Jun 2005 Developed Micro-machining machine, KLM-QV10α.
Sep 2005 Developed Hybrid LD YAG Laser, KLY-HP600β.
Nov 2006 Developed Hybrid LD YAG Laser, KLY-HP450α.
Aug 2007 Developed YVO4 Green Laser, KLY-QGS5α.
Apr 2008 Established Kuze Second Factory.
Aug 2008 Developed LD YAG Laser, KLY-SQ350α.
Oct 2008 Established Laser Factory.
Nov 2008 Opened Taiwan Support Center.
Jul 2009 Established Kuze Third Factory.
Aug 2009 Established Shanghai Kataoka Trading Co.,Ltd.
Sep 2009 Laser Factory expansion.
Sep 2009 Developed Industrial Picosecond Laser Oscillators.
Jan 2010 Established Kuze Forth Factory.
Apr 2010 Established Kataoka Europe S.r.l.
Jan 2011 Established Taiwan Kataoka Corporation(Started to subsidiary)
Mar 2011 Established Kataoka Korea Corporation
Apr 2015 Established Kataoka-SS America CORP.