Continuous Wave IR Laser / Q-Switch IR YAG Laser



Continuous output type “KLY-C300α” achieves 15% or more electricity-optical conversion efficiency under the condition of beam quality where transmission to optical fiber with core diameter 300μmf is possible by the optimization of YAG crystal configuration corresponding to LD pumping and development of high steady high-luminance and highly stable oscillator.


Q-switched pulse type “KLY-Q200α” succeeds in obtaining 30nsec Q-switched pulse at the shortest by enhancing the efficiency as well as development of the super-highspeed gain switch control system of AO-Q switch elements that generate Q-switched pulse. The average output class of “KLY-Q200α” makes it possible to gain 200kW Q-switched pulse at the maximum.


“LD pumping technology” and “Q-switched control technology” that we cultivated thorough the development of KLY-series were gathered for the development of KLY-SQ350a laser osccillator boasting of domestic top level average output and peak output in LD pumping high output Q-switched type IR lasers. In addition, new technology was adopted, as a result, we succeeded in the development of KLY-SQ350a. Both quality of beam and high output are achieved. High performance was achieved in all aspects such as “average output: 300W” and “Maximum peak output:250kW”, “M2<15”. In addition, due to LD pumping, high output as well as small size are also realized. The design is system consturciton friendly, therefore, for laser osccilator and power source, either separated type or integrated type can be selected in order to correpond to all applications.


  • Deep Engraving Marking
  • High-Speed Cutting
  • Remove Process for large area


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